We grow green(s) together

The green journey

Everything we do affects our environment. That's why we want to create awareness of how you can improve the big picture with small steps. Nature is particularly important to us.

We always think about how we can preserve and protect our beautiful and vital biodiversity in flora and fauna. It's a long road and the goal can sometimes be quite a long way off.

We have adapted the well-known motto: "The journey is the goal!" To our sustainable approach:

The green journey is the goal!

With green thoughts and thumbs, we approach the vision of a green world step by step.

Let yourself be motivated by our green motivation and accompany us on our green journey!


MPS certified

MPS is a seal from the Netherlands, which tests and awards horticultural companies for their sustainable and socially responsible production.
This includes the responsible use of environmentally friendly pesticides, water and energy consumption and the company's carbon footprint. Our company
and with it all of our products have been
awarded the top grade A + since 2017.
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The bees are particularly important to us, as they are fundamentally responsible for the reproduction of plants and for the preservation of the entire ecosystem. Many of our plants promote the preservation of the bees through their particularly pollen and nectar-rich flowers and a beekeeper from the region has currently set up 15 beehives on our fields. We avoid unnecessary chemical pesticides and control weeds mechanically for the most part. The production of rose hips and snowberries with their abundance of flowers is a paradise for our winged pollinators. When harvesting flowering trees, we leave 10% of the flowers. Not only bees and bumblebees, but also many types of insects are supported in their foraging. This in turn increases the food supply for insectivorous birds.


Species protection

We choose our plants with great care and our culture system is a popular and widely used habitat for many wild animals such as deer, hares, rabbits, pheasants, etc.
Furthermore, we promote the local flora and fauna by maintaining and caring for them of approx. 8 km roadside hedges. In addition, we only have grassed paths between our crops so the whole land is overgrown.
The natural areas are particularly important for nature conservation. Here you will find wild bushes, wild herbs, dead wood ticks, piles of stones, etc.
They offer protection and shelter for many animals and plants. In addition, we have installed nesting and wintering boxes for birds.

Soil-friendly production

The soil in which we grow our plants is the basis for successful growth. It contains a multitude of animals, plants and fungi that we want to preserve and build.
For this goal we are currently experimenting with the application of Effective Microorganisms, compost tea, mulch materials and green manure.
We try to cultivate the soil as little as possible.


Sustainability officer

Our sustainability officer Janine develops and accompanies Seidler's green path in all areas - from cultivation to shipping, she thinks sustainably for us.
Many small measures that everyone can implement at home, such as saving electricity, environmentally friendly packaging, etc. keep us on the green journey.

Seidler Schnittgrün


Ramskamp 64 
25337 Elmshorn